Support The Bursary Program
Sunday, 5 May 2024

The Riverview Bursary program currently supports 80+ boys and their families to attend the College. It is arguably the most successful Bursary program in Australia, and is funded solely thanks to the generosity of our donor community, which is made up of current parents, Old Boys, past parents and other benefactors.

Bursary recipients are typically from Country Australia, refugees, indigenous boys, current students whose parents have fallen on hard times, and of course sons of Old Boys.

Old Boys and their families have generously donated to the Bursary Program over many decades, affording hundreds of young men a Riverview education – for generations. As part of the OIU Class Bursary Program, each Old Boy Year group usually has at least one "Bursary Ambassador". They fulfil the role of espousing the virtues of the Bursary program to their cohort, while also gently encouraging their Year group to contribute in any way they can. The full list of Bursary Ambassadors can be on the OIU website Feel free to reach out to your Ambassador to help him in any way you can. And if your Year group does not have a Bursary Ambassador, we'd love to enlist your support!

No matter how large or small, every single donation helps build the Bursary Program. Indeed, we would always rather have hundreds of small donors than one large donor. The success of the OIU Class Bursary program comes from many many contributors, and we are always very grateful for any donation of any size. Of course, all donations are fully tax deductable. Old Boys should be incredibly proud of the impact of their generosity over many generations.

To donate to the Bursary Program, please click here.

Thanks so much. It is through your help that this program continues to be such a success.