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    From OIU President, Brent Cubis (OR 1981)

    I am honoured to be officially endorsed as OIU President for 2020 and look forward to continuing the fine tradition the OIU has upheld for 122 years. I want to thank Charlie Pidcock for his leadership and wise counsel to the OIU Community over the last two years, and thank you also to all who were nominated for the 2020 General Committee (see table below).

    I have been involved with the OIU now for over 12 years, the most recent six as the Treasurer. During this time, the OIU (under the direction of some very committed Presidents and Committee members) expanded into new areas to support not only our own members but the broader community. These initiatives include Indigenous Mentoring, The Banksia Project supporting men’s mental health, and the Older Ignatians’ Club; at the same time we continue to support OISA, Careers, Cana Communities and other causes - these are summarised on the AGM 2019 Report which I encourage you to read. All of this work is done on a volunteer basis, the spirit of which was instilled in us from the Jesuit education we were fortunate to receive. It also highlights one of the key differences I feel the OIU has to other alumni organisations – how we are prepared to “give back” and “Be a man unto Others”. We do not seek funds for support, as we have built up a solid balance sheet that can fund these activities and ensure that it will be here for another 120 years to come.    

    One area that we realised from the recent survey that we need to improve on is engagement with the next generation of Old Ignatians. It is critical that we remain relevant to recent Old Boys and offer services and support in areas they have suggested – they are our future. With this is mind, we have organised a number of activities focusing on younger Old Boys to assist them with more relevant career advice, networking with similar year groups and interests, and mental health support. Whenever possible, we are inviting our most recent year, OR2019, to these events – including the recent ‘OIU in the Arts’ event at The Two Wolves organised by Joshua McElroy (OR2014) and Elijah Williams (OR2014) (more on this later in this newsletter). While on the subject of communication, we have also allocated ‘Database Decade Champions’ amongst Committee members who will be trying to update our missing Old Boys' emails and contact information so you may receive a call or text from them. 

    I believe that all OIU members have much to contribute, and there are many who are extremely influential and have the capacity to be leaders. I am fortunate to have the support of some of these leaders on the General Committee who will help shape the future development and stewardship of the OIU. The areas they focus on are listed in the table below, so if you would like to help out or find out more about country reunions / drought relief, young career networking, job interview techniques, BBQs, The Indian Bazaar, the arts (includin g attending performances which the OIU supports), serving at Cana Communities, mentoring,Banksia Project and more, please contact the nominated Committee member.

    Brent Cubis (OR1981)

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