The Old Ignatians' Union Companions Mentoring Program is designed to connect inspirational alumni leaders and entrepreneurs with aspirational young graduates and professionals within the OIU Alumni Network.

Are you a potential Mentor looking to give back and leave a legacy to the next generation of OIU leaders? 

The OIU Companions Mentoring platform and program is a pathway to:
 ●      Build and leave a legacy by becoming a trusted advisor and role model
 ●      Grow your network and inspire the next generation of Old Ignatian leaders
 ●      Give back by sharing your wisdom, expertise and insights   

Are you a younger Old Ignatian looking for guidance, advice or a wise head to bounce ideas off? 

This is an opportunity for you to:
 ●      Inspire and be inspired. Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor
 ●      Learn what you need from someone you trust
 ●      Grow your network with members of the OIU community
 ●      Gain new perspectives and insights

To register your interest for the OIU Companions Mentoring program as a mentor or a mentee, please email