Alex Noble's Book - I Fight, You Fight - Out Now
Sunday, 5 May 2024
The OIU is pleased to throw our support behind Old Boy Alex Noble (OR2020) who has just launched his debut book, I Fight You Fight.

The book chronicles his remarkable story from a traumatic spinal injury as a 16 year old rugby athlete through to his life today, as a law student and highly regarded motivational speaker. But more than that, he shares his mindset and philosophy for finding happiness and reaching your true potential.
Alex says, “I didn’t write I Fight You Fight just to share my story, and I definitely didn’t write it to make people feel sorry for me. I wrote it to share the perspective and philosophies which have helped me not only to get through the darkest days of my life, but to grow and achieve more than I ever thought possible.

“I Fight You Fight is the story of my life, but more importantly, a toolkit that I hope can help kids, parents, grandparents, athletes, business people and other people in a similar situation to not give up, to overcome challenges, to find happiness, to be resilient, to achieve the goals they’re pursuing and to be the very best they can be.”

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