Mental Health Program Update
Friday, 29 March 2024
Sam Shepherd is currently working on a mental health plan for the OIU. We would like to share some the initial thinking with you to encourage a dialogue amongst members around what we should do and how we can move forward.

Program Goal

To improve the mental wellbeing and resilience of the OIU community leading to improved mental health outcomes and reduced suicides and mental health impacts on broader OIU community. (family, friends and colleagues) - is this achievable, too ambitious or not ambitious enough?

Role of the OIU

Different stages of mental health development and support:
• Awareness
• Education
• Service Provider
• Facilitator
• Knowledge centre
• Support Group Co-ordinator

What areas could/should the OIU focus on? What is achievable given our resources, competency and expertise?

Potential approach

Year 1

o Awareness event to encourage members to start the conversation
o Identify potential partnership opportunities aligned with OIU focus from list above
o Creation of a sub working group to develop and deliver the program

Year 2
o Awareness Event
o Education Event
o Formalisation of partnership agreements for facilitating service delivery of programs

Year 3
o Key Awareness Event
o Key Education Event
o Partnerships programs implemented.

Is this delivering what members want? Is it ambitious enough? Is it achievable?

Once again, we are sharing this topline thinking to spark discussion and engagement. If this is an area of interest and you want to get involved, please contact Sam Shepherd at