St Francis House
Friday, 1 March 2024
Work around the homeless via Theresa House was a key initiative for the OIU which was adversely affected by COVID. Through the leadership and hard work of Peter Goodman, this initiatives has been relaunched in partnership with CANA as St Francis House. It is crucial that we get the volunteer base back to pre COVID levels if we are to provide meaningful support to those affected by homelessness.

Please reach out to Peter if you are able to volunteer for a shift at the house. E:


Operating as an overnight shelter and community hub in Redfern.

We aim to provide a safe space for those otherwise sleeping rough, a bed for the night, the hospitality of a shared meal, and care and companionship offered by our volunteers.

REFERRALS | Guests need to register with Link2Home, a state-wide homelessness information and referral telephone service who manage access to available shelters such as St Francis House.

VOLUNTEERS | Our aim is to open St Francis House as an overnight shelter 7 nights a week, as we steadily grow the number of volunteers needed to support this level of activity. We require reliable volunteers willing to make a regular commitment – say one shift once every 4 to 6 weeks. There are two shifts per night, each requiring a minimum of 2 volunteers:

Dinner shift from 6pm – 9pm
Overnight shift from 9pm - 7.30am

All volunteers will be supported and trained in our mission and practicalities related to the shelter. All prospective volunteers need to be registered with Cana Communities.