Friday, 23 February 2024
A large group of family and friends gathered recently to farewell Lawrence Bernard Coy (OR50) much loved husband, father, grandfather and medico. The service was held at Mary Immaculate Church in Waverly and presided over by fellow Old Ignatian and life long friend Fr Peter Clifford OFM (OR50). They were in the same year at Riverview and best mates.

After members of Laurie's family delivered their heartfelt and wonderful eulogies, Fr Peter stepped down from the altar and paused next to the coffin for the homily.

He told us about when he first met Lawrence.

"We were in the study hall one evening and I was feeling very low and alone. I hadn't made any friends since coming down on the train to Sydney from Tumut. I was missing home terribly and at that point I was actually planning my escape!  When all of a sudden there was a tap on the back of my chair and this hand reached out and in it was an apple. I grabbed it and swung back around to avoid detection. After study I waited around till all the boys had left and this short kid with a round face came up to me and said. "Hi, my name is Laurie Coy and it was my apple." That night as I went to sleep I thought to myself, its going to be ok. Some one has noticed me and wants to be my friend.

Fr Peter then concluded "In life, its often the small things that make a big difference. If Laurie hadn't given me his apple that night in study, I may well have run away back to Tumut. So when we are presented with a choice to shake a hand, or listen to a story, be mindful of how even the small things may have a big impact." 

On behalf of the OIU, we send our condolences to the Coy family.