Wednesday, 28 February 2024
The first welcome BBQ for the Indigenous Mentor Program was held at Fr Mac Pavillion on 7 February. It was attended by the current cohort of First Nation students, along with around 7 old boys including Andrew Meagher, Sam Rigney and myself.

While it was a fun afternoon of personal introductions, touch football, cricket and BBQ for those of us who joined, it was extremely disappointing that we had so few old boys attend.

The OIU Indigenous Mentor Program has a long and proud history of supporting indigenous boys on their journey through Riverview and beyond. Over the last 18 months, I have spoken directly with both mentors and mentees who have shared really powerful stories of the experiences they had and the relationships built. Amazingly, many are still in touch today years after finishing school.

We are at risk of losing this fantastic initiative, as we lack the numbers needed to provide mentoring. As a result, I would like to issue a strong call to action amongst any of you who would like to be a mentor for one of the boys.

What is it?
The mentor program is a ‘buddy / big brother’ program where old boys commit to support and mentor an indigenous student at the school 

What involved?
Being engaged and available. This depends on the needs / desire of each of the boys but often involves:
- texting / visiting / calling the boy a couple of times a month to check in and see how he is going.
- attending co-curricular activities to be a visible support for the student (ie. sports, music, debate, etc)
- Attending the scheduled indigenous events through the year (ie. 4x BBQs, one weekend away, one annual dinner)
- Being available for house / school conversations with the boy as requested by him.

How get involved?
Please email me directly for more details

We are looking for old boys to step up, get involved and be a positive influence for indigenous boys who have joined the school. Please contact me to discuss further.

Sean Cunial
OIU President