Wednesday, 28 February 2024
Not since the heady days of Fr Quinn and his trusty Sportsmaster Michael Punch in the late 1970's has 4th field seen so much activity. A long overdue remediation of the playing surface and drainage has begun under the watchful eye of landscape and civil contractor Matt Glascott (OR82).

OIU News spoke to Matt recently and asked him about the task at hand. 

Matt Glascott:   "I'm a very passionate old boy and I've been advising in the school for many years about what they could do with the ovals and how they can improve them. So when this project came up, I was very keen to get involved. Especially 4th field. I played here, my boys played , and I coached the 15 A's here with Mr. Rodgers . We would train on these ovals, so I was very familiar with the uneven and hard surfaces. So, it’s great the school has invested in improving these playing fields.”

OIU News:   "I hear James Graham from "Eulonga" down on the Murrumbidgee put his hand up to help us the school supply the sand. The message really, to our readership is that, you know, we're in our community, we have the capacity to give both in kind and also commercially. It's great that the school has, has seen fit to incorporate yourself and James in the project and it's just really a celebration of the skills that we've got in our community."

Glascott:    It's great that they try and work with the Old boy’s network when possible. However, you know, it's a commercial transaction. We tendered for the works, and followed due process. I think at the end of the day, we want to do the best for the School and achieve the outcome for the project. His name is on the project so I like to think we give that extra bit of attention to get it right. With regards to 4th field the school has invested in the design to insure they get the best possible outcome within their budget for two first class rugby fields and cricket wickets.

OIU News:  Can we talk about the stormwater because as we've seen in the last couple of days with bad storms, it's something that we in the future we may have to manage even more carefully. That part of the build was this water catchment collection, how will that work? 

Glascott:  All surface and sub surface drainage will be recycled back in to the two water tanks to be used for irrigation of the ovals.

OIU News:   What’s the two new tanks installed behind the infirmary. How many litres?

Glascott:    Each tank holds 120,000 litres. One tank can do two cycles of irrigation for the entire oval.  and can be topped up with town water if required. Also our contract includes 12 weeks of maintenance to make sure it's properly grown in and and looking good for handover. Any project is only as good as the maintenance, and I know the School does a very good job in maintaining the ovals so I believe that they will be no different here.

James Graham (OR88) , Manager of Eulonga Sand & Gravel, added "Like a lot of our peers, I spent a lot of time on 4th field playing sport and was only too aware of it shortcomings both as a student and more recently watching my boys play there over the last few years. When Paul & Tom mentioned that there was going to be an upgrade of 4th field I said we would love to be involved in the supply of the growing medium. Like Matt we tendered the job and were only too happy to be successful. I think everyone involved in the project has one overriding goal which is to produce a top quality oval that will stand the test of time."