OIU AGM 2023
Saturday, 2 December 2023
The OIU AGM was held this year in Cova Cottage and featured the usual presentations from the President and Treasurer as well as from VIP guests School Principal Dr Paul Hine and Board Chair Greg Mackay, who both give a detailed update to members on the Schools progress throughout 2023 and what lies ahead, as the new Wingaru Building proceeds and the school continues on its journey to select a new Principal to begin in 2025. As it was former President Dan Bolger's final AGM as President, he presented the meeting with a comprehensive review of the work the Union is doing and how we are planning to continue our works in the community into 2024 and beyond.

We also welcomed representatives of the various organisations that received donations from us in 2023, including Hearts in Rugby CEO Nick Stevens and Cardoner Network CEO Stuart Salier. 

A link to the presentations from the 2023 AGM and charities that the OIU supported is HERE

Sean Cunial