WUJA Update
Sunday, 17 December 2023
A recent  newsletter from the World Union of Jesuit Alumni has landed. It outlines the rich diversity of our unions bonded together under a commonality of purpose.

WUJA, the World Union of Jesuit Alumni, is a global network of associations who have been part of Jesuit educational institutions around the world. Our rich history, dating back to our establishment in 1956, has enabled us to foster lifelong connections among Jesuit alumni from various backgrounds, cultures, and shared values rooted in Jesuit education.

Simultaneously, national federations come together to shape regional confederations that
encapsulate the rich diversity of local associations and national federations within a specific geographic region. Currently, WUJA is organized into these regions: Africa, East Asia,
South Asia, Europe, Latin America (LATAM), the Middle East, North America, and Oceania.

A copy of their latest report can be read here.

Merry Christmas to all the loyal OIU News readers.!

Andrew Horsley (OR68)
WUJA Oceania Delegate
Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
Tel: 02 9251-6620
Mobile: 0418 273 450
Email: andrew@horsley.com.au
Website: www.horsley.com.au