New Cardoner CEO
Tuesday, 8 August 2023
 OIU News recently caught up with the newly appointed CEO of the Cardoner Network in Sydney Stuart Salier. We started  by chatting about schools and work. I asked Stuart what attracted him the the role and the work of the Cardoner Network.
SS: I had some Marist blood, but I had a lot of Jesuit blood in me as well, teaching at Aloysius. Then I spent the last 25 years at Optus, various roles at Optus. Firstly legal, then Investor Relations, which is not too excting. O
nce you've been at a corporate for 20 odd years, the profit motive gets very draining. The desire to just make money for the shareholder is kind of comes out of the Wall Street. It starts to wear a little bit thin and and but and then you kind of realise that you've got a bit to offer. The initial thing was Two Wolves and then, through my son, I became interested in Cardoner. There's a lot of mountains to climb here. But, but the reality is, as I've said to a number of people, this is a fantastic product. That's it, and the reflection my son who's currently over there in Thailand, that they get that opportunity to reflect to think about their place in life. But you're actually maturing at the rate of knots. And you come back to Australia, I'm convinced just ready to take on, you know, whatever life throws at you. Because you've seen people in desperate situations or difficult situations.
 Q: Okay, where do you see Cardona in the next four years?
SS:  My primary focus is to get Sydney absolutely humming over the next six to 12 months.
What I mean by humming is competition for places so people are knocking down the door to get a place in Bellarmine House for instance, because either they've got a Bursary there through the Old Ignatians' Union or because they just know that there are a bunch of like minded young adults studying there. So that's the challenge is getting the message out there is getting the people thinking oh, I wouldn't feel out of place here.

Daniel Bolger