Riverview in Scone
Sunday, 6 August 2023
Members of the Riverview Community gathered in Scone recently to celebrate another year and hear about the happenings at the School and beyond. Members of the OIU, current and past parents and several prospective parents gathered at Arrowfield and were warmly welcomed by hosts  Paul  and Alice Meare.  

Dr Hine thanks Paul for the wonderful hospitality and gave a brief update fo the Schools progress including the exciting new Wingaru Stem Building. 

Toasting the College, host Paul Messara (OR96) remarked on how his school days, whilst full of nostalgia, were instrumental in his formation.  Paul and Alice thanked  Dr Hine for the opportunity to renew old acquaintances and introduce prospective parents to members of the  local Riverview community.

Head of Boarding Anthony Begg thanked the Messara's for the opportunity to outline to the group all that Riverview boarding had to offer to a young lad from the bush.

Heather Mitchell
Engagement Office   


Daniel Bolger