OIU BBQ VS The Shore School- Thanks and a Call to Tongs
Tuesday, 1 August 2023
Firstly, a big thank you to volunteers at recent OIU BBQs on First Field.  BBQ Coordinator JJ Bull has outlined the following advise for volunteers for the final BBQ of the winter season on Saturday 12 August against The Shore School. A special thank you to current parents who also jumped in and assisted.


First shift commences at 8am and then hand-overs on the hour every hour until 3pm. Serving stops at circa 2;45and allows 30mins for clean up before 1st XV run out. 

c) Shifts and numbers of volunteers as follows:
8-9am x 4 volunteers
9-10am x 4 volunteers
10-11am x 6 volunteers
11-12Noon x 8 volunteers
12-1pm x 8 volunteers
1-2pm x 8 volunteers
2-3pm x 8 volunteers

(Close at 2:45, take trays into canteen and wash all implements)

Please click on the links below and register, even if it for only an hour.

12 August (v Shore) https://signup.com/go/MeQsbZc
For more information 

Justin Bull
OIU BBQ Coordinator
0476 170 932