OIU 2023 Careers Dialogue at KMPG
Tuesday, 30 May 2023
A shout out to all who attended last week's OIU Careers Dialogue at KMPG offices in Barangaroo Towers
A good spread of years from 2017/18/19 through to 2022 !  We heard some wonderful home-truths from a very impressive panel. Thanks to Simon McGrath AM, Nicole Sheffield, Wesfarmers: Wade Death, Jack & Co Food Stores
and Scott McKeon, espressoDisplays. Thanks also  to our host Duncan McLennan, KPMG, and event Coordinators Tim Warren(OIU Committee) and Christine Zimbulis.  Even the MC, who left in 84, was writing notes and was heard to remark "best ever panel - can't wait until next year" .

Those interested in joining the OIU mentoring program the contact is mentoring@oiu.org.au