Mates vs States fundraiser - Jasper Gotterson (OR17)
Sunday, 19 February 2023
I along with my three best mates, Rory Cheal, Max Cutrone and Sean Stuart (who are all Knox old boys from the class of 2017) are attempting to run across the entire east coast of the USA, starting in Key West, Florida and finishing at the Canadian border in Vermont to raise money for Cancer Council. Over 80 days, we will complete 80 consecutive marathons each (3,360 kilometres in total), running through thirteen US states – completely unsupported. Our challenge, dubbed Mates v States, begins on 18 February 2023.
We are funding this trip out of our own pockets and every cent that is raised will go directly to the Cancer Council. Cancer awareness, prevention and treatment is a cause that is very close to our team, in particular Rory Cheal. Rory’s mother, Amanda, has undergone multiple years of severe cancers and surgeries. Throughout her battle she has had numerous surgeries with under 50% fatality rates and has had 80% of her liver removed – she is currently in remission which is a testament to the importance of preventative research and cancer awareness. Additionally, Max Cutrone’s aunties have both recently undergone battles with breast cancer, one successfully and the other unsuccessfully. It is experiences like these which brings the cause so close to our hearts and impassions us to raise money and awareness for cancer treatment and prevention.
Further information about the run, the cause and the way to make a donation can be found at our website:

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Jasper Gotterson (OR17)