2022 OIU Christmas Drinks at the Diddy
Tuesday, December 20
More than 60 members attended the Annual OIU Christmas Drinks, held this year the The Longueville Sports Club. There was a wide cross-section of years represented, with a particularly strong showing from the 2022 leaving year. OIU President  Dan Bolger welcomed the guests, including VIP Alumnus Mr. James Rodgers (OR71), who earlier in the week had been afforded a rousing farewell from his current and former staff friends in the College Memorial Hall. 

Thanks to all those who came long and made some new acquaintances.  An honourable mention goes to Dr Felix Lo, local Longueville lad who attended the School in the 1990s with his brother. Attending his first OIU event since he left School 25 years go, he wrote and said "It was a pleasure attending my first OIU event. The venue and  food were wonderful." Thanks also to Felix for kindly taking some pics for this newsletter.

Thanks also to the "Diddy", their energetic staff and host Chris Keighery (OR1990) 

Daniel Bolger