David Egan OR40 Turns 100
Monday, 3 June 2024
Family and Friends of David Egan gathered recently on ANZAC Day in Dubbo to celebrate his 100th Birthday .

His son Peter and his wife Wendy welcomed Warren district friends as well as 6 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren, to their home in Dubbo to witness David cut the cake. There was much discussion about his birthday greetings from the Prime Minster, The Minister for Veterans Affairs as well as King Charles.

A highlight of the day was the group photo of the Riverview Old Boys in attendance.

Back row: Owen Egan 80, Nicholas Brennan 76, Robert Montgomery 75 , Tony Montgomery 80, Charlie Egan 80, Dominic Brennan71, John Egan 78 , Tim Montgomery 72, Michael Montgomery 68 , Philip Keen 68, Michael Egan 76

Front Row : Bryan Egan 71, Bruce Egan 78, David Egan 40 , Peter Egan 76 , Tim Egan 2007 , Jamie Hedger 75

On behalf of the OIU we congratulate David on this milestone and send him and his family every best wish.

- OIU Editor, Daniel Bolger