Barbecue Season is Back - Call To Tongs
Monday, 6 May 2024
BBQ season kicked off last weekend at the Riverview vs Barker & St Augustines games on Saturday 4 May. While the result on the field was positive, the one off field was pretty disappointing.

Unfortunately there was a significant shortfall in volunteer numbers to help with the BBQ, leaving the heavy lifting to a usual few dedicated and, dare I say, burnt out people. If this continues, there is a very real possibility of us closing down the BBQ.

The BBQ on first field has been an OIU tradition since I can remember, and while providing the obvious benefits of feeding people and raising funds, it also provides a venue for old boys to connect. A 'mens shed' of sorts where Old Boys can build relationships, share stories and extend their support network in these challenging times. Connection is one of the key factors to assist in mental health, and the BBQ can play this role for our members.

For those of you with boys at the school, the BBQ allows you to overtly demonstrate the values of why you enrolled your son at Riverview. It can be co-ordinated with your sons game time, allowing you to do a shift either before or after his game, minimising any inconvenience. For those without sons at the school, it offers an opportunity to participate and reconnect with the community. There are hourly slots you can choose from 7am to 5pm through the day, enabling people to fit in a quick shift in a day.

There are only 3 home games remaining this year and I would encourage as many of you as possible to join up and assist the team in keeping this tradition alive.

Saturday May 18 vs Shore
Saturday May 25 vs Newington
Saturday May 3 vs Scots


Please email Justin Bull (OR88) on to register your interest.