Tuesday, December 20
Will Brennan(OR2004) was a boarder at Riverview from year ten to year twelve. He grew up in Warren, then moved to Orange. After graduating from Riverview, he studied Agribusiness at Armidale University and then worked for Paspaley as one of their leading hands. A move back to Orange saw him working in the mines before he saw an opportunity to complete his Master's in Mining Engineering. 

After five years at the mines, Will and his partner travelled around Europe. Will carried his trusty work-in-progress business plan (for Will Brennan Designs) along for the journey. Will founded Will Brennan Designs in 2015, and in 2022, is celebrating it’s seventh year of operation. 

His goal was to build custom furnishings to create unique, high-quality pieces to complement any space. "I carried that business plan around the globe, and the more I saw, the more I wanted to begin to create." 

Will believes in combining client design inspiration with hand-made craftsmanship to create a truly personalised item that can be passed down through generations. He encourages the use of sustainably sourced and reclaimed timbers in the manufacturing process. 

The operation sits in a space about which Will is extremely passionate; Australian manufacturing. He commended the Prime Minister last week for "talking up on-shore manufacturing, saying the tilt away from imports was well overdue."

Will and his team have delivered designs for residential and commercial projects across eastern Australia. 

Keep up the good work.

Daniel Bolger